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Handwoven Cutshuttle Rugs
The handwoven cutshuttle rugs are made of soft fabrics. These look highly presentable and kept in the living rooms as the decorative elements. These are easy to maintain and do not get damaged with frequent usage.
Handwoven Jacquard Rugs
Handwoven jacquard rugs are the special kinds of rugs that have complex and intricated designs. The rugs provide a retro and traditional look to the living and bedrooms.
Handwoven Kitchen Mats
Handwoven kitchen mats are primarily used for providing support to the legs of cooks. The kitchens look beautiful and presentable with these mats. They collect the dust and keep the cookery region hygienic. 
Handwoven Loop Rugs
Handwoven loop rugs are designed in the loop styles. These designs look highly appealing. The loop rugs are perfect for the big and spacious rooms that can be embellished with these kinds of carpets.

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